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Ngwabi Consulting is a consulting firm that seeks to offer a diverse range of services to small, medium enterprises and Municipalities. Strategy Planning and Financial Advisory.


We specialize in the following: Accounting Services, Taxation Services and Company Secretarial Services.



Company Secretarial

Strategic Planning and Advisory

There is a lot of pressure that is placed on owners of small to medium size companies with regards to having accounts and financial information that is accurate and up to date. Business owners also need this accurate information for decision making and for the day to day management of the business.

NC can help and ensure that the financial information is always up to date.

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Business owners face a lot of challenges in today’s business world. Constant changes in tax regulations also increase this burden. Submission of incorrect information to SARS can lead to unnecessary penalties and interest. We can ensure that your business complies with all tax laws. We also look into your business with a purpose of trying to understand, if there are any possible tax savings.

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Businesses are required by law to keep statutory records and to comply with all the legislation. It is important that business owners ensure that they comply with these statutory and regulatory requirements.

We at NC have an effective system of management of all the statutory records of a business at minimal cost. Business owners do not need to have in-depth understanding of the Companies Act if they have NC on their side. NC are experts in this field having dealt with JSE listed companies and also dealt extensively with CIPC, processing clients requests.

It is very important that the requirements of the Companies Act are complied with every time for decisions taken by the directors or the business to be valid and binding.

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Managers operate in a ever changing world and they need to keep up to date with all changes in customer tastes and competitor tactics and strategies. Sandile has worked on several businesses analysing performance and refocusing their strategies.

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